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It uses GPS tracking, so it’ll tell you when some other eligible Toronto single is within 250 meters of you.Then you can press a heart icon next to their pic, and if they do the same with you, the two of you are matched and you can begin talking.But it might be a picturesque scene of a stormy day in a Toronto. And you’ll get to read a few bits of information about the person. Teased lets you choose who to go out with based on more than just their looks. There’s a good-looking individual who is also at this cafe.Available For: i Phone What It Is: While not technically a dating app, it can certainly be used for dating. You invite him or her to join you at your table -- through the app.What It Is: Every now and then, when you’re ambling through the streets of Toronto or touring your favorite museum, you’ll cross paths with someone.Someone who you wished you had given your number to or just said “Hi!With Teased, you aren’t picking people you like based just on their looks. Then you’ll decide if you want to meet up with this person.

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Available For: i Phone and Android What It Is: “Like Tinder, with personality,” quipped one reviewer of this dating app.

But hey, might still be an interesting experience, right?

Why Try It: Eliminate a modicum of awkwardness from your dating encounters.

First you create an account and choose images (from other user accounts) that really express your personality and interests.

You can even import photos from your own Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr profile.

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